About us

When Ziraba started business, the engraving of cylinders by means of electrical systems was state of the art. New technologies for embossing and the production of duplex cylinders for embossed wall papers were still at an early stage. After three years of business, in 1975, the German Walter Wetzel GmbH joined our company and in 1999 Ziraba was integrated in the German group RSD Technik GmbH.

Since then Ziraba has continuously developed and improved all products and processes always implementing the latest engraving technologies. With state-of-the-art facilities on large premises of 3000 square meters and a machinery of the latest generation, today Ziraba is specialized in digital engraving by laser technology.

In various markets such as wall paper, packaging, ceramics, Ziraba uses digital laser copy technology. With a strong presence in the Spanish market and a rate of 30% of exports mainly into European, North African and Latin American markets, Ziraba is committed to steady innovation based on pioneering technologies and an advanced training of the staff.